Paninis - Hester's Cafe-Breakfast-Lunch-Desert-Catering-Corpus Christi TX

May 21, 2020

    • Paninis

      Served with choice of side

    • Texas Wave

      House roasted turkey breast, avocado, tomatoes, Monterrey Jack cheese and lettuce, with chipoltle-mayo on pressed ciabatta. $9.59

    • Villa St. Jaques

      House roasted chicken, honey smoked ham, Swiss cheese and spring greens with a pesto-mayo on pressed focaccia bread. $9.59

    • Primo Reuben

      House made corn beef, Genoa Salami, horseradish mustard, pickle slaw, Swiss and Havarti dill cheese on grilled rye bread. $9.79

    • The Cubano

      House roasted pulled pork, Gouda cheese, lettuce, red onions and “Gran´s” pickled squash with a garlic chive aioli on pressed Torta bread. $9.49